About the festival

The international film festival of student's films and film schools “Bastau” (ORIGINATION) aims to develop the international cooperation and a cultural exchange between young cinematographers from all around the world.

The festival motto: «The Ethnic culture of the people is the times binding thread».

The festival takes place in the biggest southern city of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the heart of ancient Silk Way – the city of Almaty, which became a unique cultural bridge between West and East.

The Almaty festival of ethnic cultural films "Bastau" opens the person in culture and culture in the person. This formula unites the cinematographers and the researchers, who express by the means of their film language the values of cultures in their uniqueness and variety.

The official languages of the festival are Kazakh, Russian, and English.

The international competition organized within the frames of "Bastau” IFF will allow the Festival to become the real link, the cinema center for our colleagues from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and other countries, both Central Asia, and all Eurasia as a whole.

We are sure that our film festival gains popularity and the international weight among the foreign cinematographers from year to year. The festival receives the intellectual and art reputation according to the content and becomes an effective form of promotion of the films for the larger audience. “Bastau” IFF becomes an experimental platform to search for the new film forms, to discover new names and talents, to establish the partnership in today's search of identity and cultural art.