Jury Chairman

Film director

Student at the University of the Basque Country. He made 10 short fiction and documentary films. Some of them participated in such major festivals as: the Lima International Film Festival (Peru), the Brunswick Film Festival (Germany) and the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival. He is also a member of the international film festival in San Sebastián, where he coordinates the films of the Glocal and Progress sections.





Director, editor

The student of the 3rdcourse of Belorussia State Academy of Arts (2016), workshop of Ivanov Pavel Vladimirovich. Among her student films are «Mimica», «Me and world: do not part with your loved ones» and coverage  «Sailing regatta». Yelena participates in many competitions, always open for the new knowledge and ready to use it in her work.   





Director, scriptwriter, editor

A student of the Kazakh National University of Arts, specializing in “directing fiction” in the workshop by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov. He graduated from the first two courses of the Film Production program at York University (Toronto, Canada), with a grant from the International Scholarship of Distinction. He made several short films that took part in international competitions such as: Cinesiege (Toronto, Canada), CinemaIUBIT (Bucharest, Romania). In addition, his short film won the Best Short Film nomination at the annual Critique Choice Award 2018.




Victor Kislov

Victor Kislov was born in 1996, Moscow. His documentary “Cosmic Columbus”, 2011, participated in “Saint Anna” festival and was selected in the program “The Corner of a Short Meter” of the MIFF. Since 2014 he is studying at VGIK at the directing department in the workshop of V. Khotinenko and V. Fenchenko. His films were screened at the VGIK International Film Festival, Eurasia Film Festival, East-West Film Festival and others.





Director, actor

Born on 18 March 1985 in Chaek village of Zhumgal region of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Graduated from the art school of the National Academy.  After three years of studying he entered the National Art Academy. In 2010 he signed up for the workshop of Ernest Abdyzhaparov. His acting debut was in 2010 in a film “AYAT as a principal cast, he founded the studio “”AZMAN” in 2012. He is the participant and winner of many international film festivals. He presented the film “”AYAT3” at the 6thfilm festival of Ernest Abdyzhaparov workshops graduates and won the prize as the best director. In 2017 Azamat Arykov changed his surname to Azamat Sharshenov.